॥ गण गण गणात बोते ॥


gajanan maharaj

Gajanan maharaj

If we see the past of the world then we are lucky enough that we are living on the earth where many saint took birth to uplift the importance of human life and mercy. These saints were respected by different religion people and still we all respect them. Saints are the second form of god and that’s why we all need to dedicate our life to their lotus feet. But why we do that? We all are trapped into greed, infatuation and maaya; while saints have defeated all these three main enemy of human. Each and every person is trapped in this wander.

We do worship of great saints because saints are the form of god and they took avtar to teach lesson of mercy to us. Today they are not between us in flesh but they are with us in invisible form and we are getting help of them in different forms. Saints always helped in future and still they are helping who remember them with true heart. Just chanting name with pure heart and you will get darshan and help of saints. Not only in bad time but we need to remember saints in our good time also because it is the nature of human that we forget saints in our good time.

Saints never made any wealth for themselves because uplift of human life is their real wealth. They took all the pain and sorrows of human life on them and that’s why we do worship of saints as the form of god. Saints can do anything. There is nothing which is impossible by them. They can produce water from the anhydrous earth. They can make alive any dead thing with their divine touch only.

Body is nothing without spirit. We can’t see spirit but we should give unique place to saints in our spirit. And by doing so our spirit will become pure and any bad thought will never come in our mind and we will think about wellness of everyone, this will fulfill the dreams of saints.